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Rules of Deception Christopher Reich

Rules of Deception

Christopher Reich

Kindle Edition
402 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

New York Times BestsellerDr. Jonathan Ransom, a surgeon for Doctors Without Borders, is climbing in the Swiss Alps with his wife, Emma, when she falls into a hidden crevasse and dies. Twenty-four hours later, Jonathan receives an envelope addressed to his wife containing two baggage-claim tickets. Puzzled, he journeys to a railway station only to find himself inexplicably attacked by the Swiss police. Suddenly forced on the run, Jonathans only chance at survival lies in uncovering the devastating truth behind his wifes secret life.Follow the Rules:Dont miss the other thrillers in the series—Rules of Vengeance (in paperback) and Rules of Betrayal (in hardcover July 2010).From the Paperback edition.