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Unboxed: Shifting Paradigms MR P K Wu

Unboxed: Shifting Paradigms


Published July 13th 2013
ISBN : 9781481267595
182 pages
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 About the Book 

All people are products of their genetic tendencies as modified through their experiences in their environments. People learn culture and social norms through institutional conditioning by parents, schools, media and government. Social norms cause people to seek external validation through social interactions and expectations through which they define the value of others and their own self-worth. Social conditioning boxes allows people to define their niche and place in society as categorized by government and stereotypes perpetuated by mass media and group thinkers. Consequently people see reflections of themselves in their family and social roles, careers, job titles, economic class, race, sex/gender, sexual preference, religion and political perspectives. However, with the rapid globalization of culture through technological advances, we are all becoming UNBOXED.