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Martı Jonathan Livingston Richard Bach

Martı Jonathan Livingston

Richard Bach

Published 2000
92 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Basically, youve got a seagull who just cant fit in with other seagulls. If this was written within the last decade, Jonathan would be coping with his outcast status by wearing a black trench coat and rolling 20-sided dice for fun. He would also achieve a loyal following of other socially awkward birds by totally kicking ass in Guitar Hero.Sadly, this was written in the halcyon days of the 70s, so Jonathan goes on a soul searching quest and learns how to fly better than any other seagull. Gradually, other seagulls join him and become awesome too.No, Im not describing a childrens picture book. Im talking about a book that bookstores actually shelve in the literature section. I honestly think that there are more photographs of seagulls in this book than there are paragraphs. Anyway, some people call this book inspirational, or motivating. Im guessing that these are the same people who consider accidentally getting two extra cheesesticks for free in their Papa Johns order a miraculous affirmation of a higher power.The only reason I gave this book two stars instead of one is that I was named after it. Honestly, who wants to be named after a shitty book? Think of the entire pantheon of literature. I could have been named Atticus Finch, or Heathcliff Earnshaw, or Beowulf. Instead I get Jonathan Livingston. Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad. No, really, you guys just sit back and relax, Ill roll this next doobie for you.