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Dorm Room Wishes Hugh Michelsen

Dorm Room Wishes

Hugh Michelsen

Published May 25th 2013
Kindle Edition
34 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

What would you do with a rock that grants wishes? More importantly, what would your gay room mate, whos had a secret crush on you since you moved into the dorms together, wish for? Steve finds out in this exciting short story.What would you do if you had a magic rock that could grant all of your wishes? Especially if you were the only one that knew that they had been granted?Martin finds a magic wishing rock. He tries to convince Steve (his handsome dormmate) that it not only works, but that hes already used it to grow certain body parts. Steve doesnt believe him, because like everyone else, Steve remembers Martin always being impressively endowed. Martin tries explaining to Steve that only people that heard the wish remember things differently, but Steve (whos a bit arrogant) still doesnt believe him. They make a bet that Steve can guess one of Martins wishes without Martin explaining it to him. Martin makes some wishes, and Steve (and the rest of the world) may be forever altered in hot and exciting ways.Warning: contains fantasy gay sex (including a gay threesome), happy gay sex slaves, and gay sex with straight men.